EU-Rail programme: 10 new topics launched

Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail) is the European partnership for rail research and innovation under the Horizon Europe programme (2020-2027) and the successor of the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking.

It aims to deliver, via an integrated system approach, a high-capacity, flexible, multimodal, sustainable, reliable and integrated EU railway network for European passengers and cargo.

On 13 September 2022, 10 new topics were launched.

Here is the list of Topics of the Calls for Proposals:

  • New railway station concept for green and socially inclusive smart cities, whose aim is to:
    • Define and analyze Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators
  • Bridge Dynamics, which has 11 main Workstreams.
  • Standardised offer/contract management for agile access to Rail Freight and multimodal services in EU, whose main aim is to:
    • Analysis of EU Rail Freight
  • Building a community of scientific research and enabling a network of PhD (academia teaming with industry), whose main aims are to:
    • strengthen, expand and optimise railway’s research and innovation capabilities through the sharing of world-class national facilities in Europe to contribute to the EU-Rail Programme or other funded multi-national programmes
    • team up with industry for at least 6 -10 PhD positions.
  • Digitalisation and automation enabling new railway services for passengers and freight, whose main aim is oriented to find:
    • New digital solutions and in particular automated functions.
  • European value chains for rail supply, whose main aim is to search for solutions to:
    • how best to address the global value chain by identifying the supply chain needs for the railway system of the future
  • DAC Migration Roadmap towards Deployment, whose main aim is to create an action/implementation plan and working environment which addresses different levels of intervention:
    • at European level, with strategic coordination and sound management principles, overarching timelines and common standards;
    • at national level, with action plans and further detailed measures;
    • at company/stakeholder level, for the execution of identified and assigned tasks.
  • Conceptual development of Automated Multi-Modal Mobility-Systems (“Moving Infrastructures”), whose main aim is to:
    • develop a rail based fully automated Multi-Modal Mobility-System for passengers and goods with a “Moving Infrastructure” system, which is economically feasible and sustainable
  • Technological development of Maglev-derived Systems, whose main aim is to:
    • Development of specific systems requirements specifications and system architecture, for the purpose of safe and efficient operation and cost-effective maintenance
  • Hyperloop Industrial Roadmap and pilots, whose main aim is to:
    • Study new guided ultra-high speed transport systems based on magnetic levitation and with “capsules” movement inside a vacuum tube are currently emerging

A lot of activities are expected to be of low TRL.

Hurry up! Discover all the details with Wheesbee, the deadline for submission of proposals is set to 14 December 2022.