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with tech-insights, partnerships, business and funding opportunities tailored
on your collaborative R&D environment

What's for?

Wheesbee supports managers and R&D teams in decision making processes, improving R&D efficiency and optimizing their Return on Investment (RoI).

Through advanced AI techniques, Wheesbee analyzes millions of documents, extracting relevant information and insights for decision making processes in R&D, thus dramatically improving their effectiveness via technology discovery, collaboration opportunities, and funding programs.

Wheesbee allows users to customize the platform’s collaborative environment for their specific R&D needs, all the while supporting knowledge management and sharing, and can be integrated with legacy systems as well.



Internal and External Information for R&D


Data analysis and
data mining


Insights, Trends and Opportunities

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Wheesbee numbers

Wheesbee harvest, homogenise, index and analyse millions of documents, patents, scientific papers, funding programmes, web pages,
funded R&D project, and companies’ information. We extract knowledge through sophisticated AI techniques and provide
you with possibility to gather insight, relevant information and opportunities for your R&D processes.


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