your innovation

Search, organize and analyze millions
of data in one second.

Wheesbee is the first all-in-one software
that provides you with tech-insight,
patent data, partnership and funding opportunities
to enhance your innovation processes.

Six excellent reasons
to adopt Wheesbee in your company


Get insights into hot high-tech topics, technology trends and key players


Identify specific technologies
to innovate


Analyse benchmark
competitors and markets


Find the best partner
for your innovative project


Get access to all
the funding opportunities


Your projects’ portfolio and improve internal and external collaboratio

Increase your R&D efficiency

Wheesbee supports managers and R&D teams in decision making processes, improving R&D efficiency and optimizing their Return on Investment (Rol).

Easily analyze millions of documents
with a single tool

Through advanced AI techniques, Wheesbee analyzes milions of documents, extracting relevant information and insights for decision making processes in R&D, thus dramatically improving their effectiveness via technology discovery, collaboration opportunities, and funding programs.

100% Customize the platform
for your specific needs

Wheesbee allows users to customize the platform’s collaborative environment for their specific R&D needs, all the while supporting knowledge management and sharing, and can be integrated with legacy system as well.

Miss Zero Opportunities


Join Global Tech-Leaders
that are using Wheesbee

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    Wheesbee numbers

    Wheesbee harvests, homogenises, indexes and analyses millions of documents, patents, scientific papers, funding programmes, web pages, funded R&D project, and company information.


    Funding opportunities


    Annual collaboration opportunities

    1 mln

    Funded projects

    +420 mln

    Patents and papers

    +4 mln

    Innovative organizations