Get your innovation report.

When subscribing to Wheesbee, you will receive an innovation report including an assessment of your R&D workflow and decision-making processes, as well as a detailed overview of the state of the art and major development in your sector. The innovation report also indicates a set of R&D areas of interest over which Wheesbee will provide weekly automatic reports on any relevant news.

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innovation report
personalised data

Personalised data sources.

Wheesbee can be easily customized to your specific needs by adding data sources that can be relevant for your innovation processes. Data sources may include structured datasets, internal documentations, or a set of web pages. Our team will develop all the necessary connections to integrate the data sources, homogenize data into Wheesbee’s data lake, and carry out all the relevant analyses upon those data, allowing you to access and extrapolate knowledge.

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Personalised workflow.

Wheesbee can be easily adapted to your workflow and your specific needs. Our team has a consolidated knowledge in structuring R&D workflows, from the setting up of an internal structured taxonomy to organizing data, documents and decision making steps, up to the definition of the process with teams, decision making steps, status of projects, and setup of teams and collaboration environments. By adapting Wheesbee to your workflow, you will combine the power of a tool capable to extract relevant information from hundreds of millions of documents with a solution that is able to manage your specific workflow and information sharing needs.

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personalised workflow
integration with legacy systems

Integration with legacy systems.

Wheesbee can be integrated with corporate legacy systems. Integration can include authentication systems, data coming from CRMs or other knowledge management solutions (like DMSs), sharing information with other systems, or a specific, agreed-upon solution installed in your network and customized with your look and feel, while also managing critical and sensitive internal information for R&D.

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Enrich your data.

We offer data enrichment to clients’ CRMs or other knowledge management systems. Our data enrichment services offer the possibility to add relevant data for your sales department, such as research activities and technological sectors of interest of the organizations registered in your CRM. Wheesbee also offers customized solutions to enrich data with specific AI techniques by extrapolating relevant information from several datasets.

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enriching data