Obtain unmatched innovation insights with powerful data analysis and visualization capabilities.

Technological developments have a fundamental impact on the process of making strategic decisions within companies. Being able to acquire an early awareness of potential, emerging technological trends inevitably strengthens the competitiveness of companies and may consequently lead them to improve their position on the market.

How can such an awareness be achieved? Indeed, by having the corresponding, innovation-related data at your disposal, as Wheesbee has been able to provide since its early inception.

Carrying out a textual search over millions of documents is, however, a daunting and time-consuming activity.

On the other hand, being able to resort to an effective, quickly-accessible and interactive visual overview of the underlying data may enable a far more effective exploration, identification and detection of significant trends for inferring future technological developments.

The new visual overview included in Wheesbee’s latest release has been designed for these very purposes, thus increasing the tool’s intuitiveness and comprehensiveness for analyzing global innovation knowledge and helping you stand out from your competitors.