Analysis for decision-making.

Effective R&D processes require sharp decisions based on data and insights. Wheesbee helps managers access relevant insights on technology, market trends, benchmarks with respect to competitors and current technological developments, in order to support them in defining strategies and making the corresponding technological choices. Wheesbee provides collaborative environments where experts can mutually share information to support their analyses, and includes features meant to proactively inform them on news that can influence their strategies and technological choices.


analysis for decision-making

Increase number of innovation opportunities.

Wheesbee enables managers and R&D teams to increase their R&D projects funnel both in terms of numbers and effectiveness, supporting the identification and detection of a wide range of relevant elements, including specific technologies, trends and top innovators in a given sector, while also favoring collaboration opportunities. Whether you are a manager, a researcher or a technical leader in a R&D team, Wheesbee makes you connect with top innovators, discovering collaborative research projects where your organization can be involved. In addition, Wheesbee provides a unique feature to support open innovation by connecting innovation providers and innovation seekers, allowing you to answer or propose challenges and automatically connect with several large industries, intermediaries and clusters, as well as thousands of innovative start-ups.


Optimise R&D investments.

Our mission is to allow managers and R&D teams to focus on the right direction and on the right project. By analyzing millions of data, Wheesbee is able to bring about insights to make smart decisions. By relying upon an unprecedented database of funding opportunities empowered with sophisticated AI techniques, Wheesbee provides you with all the relevant public funding opportunities to co-finance your R&D investments.


optimise investments

Find new business opportunities.

By investigating what your potential clients are doing in research and development, as well as by looking at how your product or technologies can address research objectives of other organizations, Wheesbee supports the identification of organizations that may be interested in your skills, technologies, products or services. Semantic technologies enable you to upload the description of your product or technologies, extract relevant concepts and find relevant organizations. You will be surprised by the number of potential clients that you could reach!