On Wheesbee 422 European grants opportunity for your R&D projects!

WheesBee provides a unified database of funding opportunities for R&D projects that are continuously updated by our WheesBee Team and let users make rapid analyses on them.

In a single access point, today the Grants database includes a lot of programmes such as Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, Connecting Europe Facility, Clean Aviation, Creative Europe, Erasmus+, European Institute of Innovation and Technology, EU4H Health, EU Anti-fraud, Internal Security Fund, Interregional Innovation Investments, Single Market Programme, European Parliament, European Social Fund, Union Civil Protection Mechanism, Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, Social Prerogative and Specific Competencies Lines, European Solidarity Corps, Innovation Fund, Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme, Programme for Environment and Climate Action, Interreg, Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area, Protection of the Euro against Counterfeiting Programme and so on…

Currently there are 422 grants opportunities, 318 open grants and 104 forthcoming calls!

The median budget is a value of € 7 Million with an overall budget amount is more than € 3,5 billion.

All these opportunities are searchable WheesBee functionalities, where you can analyse the calls by sector and rapidly check that in “ICT sector”, for example, there are 155 grants opportunities while for the “Bioeconomy, chemistry and agrifood” there are 60.

You can also analyse grants by type of beneficiaries, and discover that for Small and Medium Enterprise there are 379 opportunities open and available till 31 December 2027.

Do you want to organize your time and not miss a single opportunity?

Thanks to Wheesbee you can organize the calls by deadline, and rapidly you can see that in the third trimester of 2022, 154 grants will close.

To find the right funding opportunity for you is easy and intuitive now.

Thanks to WheesBee’s semantic search you’ll be always able to check the opportunities related to a specific keyword of your interest. For example, if you search “Blockchain”, you can identify 5 related grants, like “NGI ASSURE open call 9”.

Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of our All-In-One platform! Request your WheesBee demo and start innovating now.

You can filter the results of your efficient grant scan not only by keywords (for the Grant Name or the description) or Geographical coverage, but also using the date (open date and deadline), type of grants or type of beneficiary. For a helicopter view you can focus on specific Sector or Technologies and collect or select all the information related to the budget.

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