Pioneering Sustainable Aviation Fuels: All4Zero’s Dual Challenge for a Greener Future

All4Zero is an industry-focused technological innovation hub, unique in Spain, focused on developing technologies relate to decarbonization and the circular economy. This is an initiative run by 4 founders: ArcelorMittal, Holcim, Iberia and Repsol that are combining their technological power to share industrial resources, laboratories, and research centers to create pilots and proofs of concept.

There is a current open call (until 5 April) for startups, SMEs, research centers and universities in which All4Zero has launched 5 technological challenges.

In this context, let’s delve deeper into one of the 5 technology challenges!

“How can we generate SAF and other renewable fuels and mineralize CO2? (challenge with two applications)”

Use of CO2 as a raw material to produce sustainable construction materials, as well as renewable fuels, marks a crucial advancement toward decarbonization in different industrial sectors. This technology not only reduces dependence on natural or virgin raw materials, it also contributes significantly to reducing emissions. Likewise, it stands out for its capacity to “store” CO2 safely, thus avoiding any possible release into the atmosphere. In addition to this application, CO2 can also be used for sustainable fuels in aviation, which is the only real and immediate solution to advance toward more sustainable aviation models.

Carbon mineralization is an alternative method that allows carbon dioxide to be used and stored for use in product synthesis, thus contributing to decarbonization. In other words, it facilitates the production of new materials that substitute the use of natural raw materials. Furthermore, CO2 resulting from industrial processes, or even the CO2that is already present in the atmosphere, can be reduced with carbon-capture technologies (CCUS or DAC), which can be used as raw material to produce SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) and other renewable fuels, such as synthetic fuels or e-fuels.

What All4Zero is looking for
Developing this technology is vital to continue advancing toward decarbonization in mobility and construction. For this reason, they are looking for mineralization, or carbonatation technological solutions, or another that has not developed yet in molecules or mineralogical phases reactive to CO2-rich currents. They also value technologies to develop SAF production from raw materials, such as urban and forest waste (advanced biofuel), as well as developing e-SAF (synthetic fuel), using captured CO2 and renewable hydrogen for its production.


All4Zero will select up to ten solutions to develop Proof of Concepts together with the hub’s experts and in their industrial facilities.

Do you have a technological solution related to decarbonization or the circular economy?

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In this news, we delve into the details of only one of the five technological challenges. However, if you want to learn more about the others, read the other news in greater detail:

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