Unlocking the Power of Renewable Hydrogen: All4Zero’s Quest for Efficiency

All4Zero is an industry-focused technological innovation hub, unique in Spain, focused on developing technologies relate to decarbonization and the circular economy. This is an initiative run by 4 founders: ArcelorMittal, Holcim, Iberia and Repsol that are combining their technological power to share industrial resources, laboratories, and research centers to create pilots and proofs of concept.

There is a current open call (until 5 April) for startups, SMEs, research centers and universities in which All4Zero has launched 5 technological challenges.

In this context, let’s delve deeper into one of the 5 technology challenges!

“How can we reduce costs and increase efficiency when obtaining renewable hydrogen?”

Hydrogen has been used in industrial processes for decades. Right now, at a time when industry is experiencing unprecedented transformations, hydrogen will continue to be necessary. However, in this transition, renewable hydrogen is a disrupting factor, with an essential energy vector for decarbonizing industrial sectors such as mobility, iron and steel, and energy.

This renewable hydrogen can be used as a raw material in industry to generate heat or electricity, or for mobility. Likewise, it can be a solution for storing surplus renewable solar and wind energy.

Producing, installing, and making use of renewable hydrogen at a competitive price is a necessity for several industrial sectors, since its universal application would contribute to a substantial change toward a more sustainable future.

In this sense, developing efficient and effective electrolytic processes that can generate hydrogen at a competitive price, along with attainable installation and usage costs, will be key to accelerating the integration of these systems. To do so, it is necessary to implement technologies that aim to significantly improve the current low, medium, and high temperature commercial technologies.

What All4Zero is looking for
Optimizing hydrogen production, and ensuring its reliability and competitiveness, is key to decarbonizing industry. To do so, flexibility and adaptation to industrial processes regarding hydrogen use is required, reducing the need for temporary or mid-term storage, as well as validating new production alternatives for renewable hydrogen for later use as a reducing agent, fuel, raw material to develop synthetic fuels, or for other renewable hydrocarbons.
They are looking for technological solutions to develop advanced electrolytic processes in addition to options to facilitate secure hydrogen transport and storage.

All4Zero will select up to ten solutions to develop Proof of Concepts together with the hub’s experts and in their industrial facilities.

Do you have a technological solution related to decarbonization or the circular economy?
Participate in All4Zero technology challenges.

In this news, we delve into the details of only one of the five technological challenges. However, if you want to learn more about the others, read the other news in greater detail:


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