REPSOL SA is seeking innovative partners: a NEW challenge for experts in bioeconomy sector

Repsol SA, leading Spanish company in the oil and natural gas sectors, is a global multi-energy provider working to drive the evolution towards a low-emissions energy model. In the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan Repsol SA took on these ambitious challenges by evolving towards a customer-centric, multi-energy company that’s committed to digitalization, innovation, strategic talent management, and new ways of working.

The company is looking for innovators and experts who could provide solutions in technologies for valorization of digestas.

A full summary of the challenge is available here:

Challenge Description
The challenge derives from the application of new European Directives for Waste and Fertilizer. New Waste legislation aims at increasing the separate collection of organic waste (biowaste), therefore progressively minimizing the amount of organic fraction in mixed waste. Valorization of organic waste to biogas by means of anaerobic digestion will be considered as material valorization (recycling) only if the digestate generated can be considered as a product (therefore excluding the cases in which it is sent to landfill or incineration). On the other hand, the new Fertilizer Directive will limit the use of digestates as fertilizers only for those cases in which stem from a limited list of wastes, explicitly excluding the case of organic waste not separately collected at source (i.e. OFMSW from mixed MSW). The sector needs to find new pathways for the valorisation of anaerobic digestion digestates, especially those obtained from mixed wastes.

Technical requirements
The technologies proposed should allow:
– Material valorization of MSW (preferentially).
– Provide an economic revenue (or at least allow avoiding landfill taxes) so that business case is attractive.
– CO2 emissions reduction of the pathway.
– Preferred: TRL 6 or higher. Solutions with lower TRL could be validated through Proof of Concept schemes.

Solutions based on hydrothermal carbonization and/or gasification will be excluded

How to apply

If you would like the opportunity to submit a solution you are developing, or expertise you have in the above area, please contact us to for an expression of interest by June 30, 2022

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us directly.


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